How Do People Get Their Teeth So White?

You’ve seen them; people who once had not-so-great-looking teeth and then they suddenly have the glowing white teeth you wish you had. What’s their secret? How did they get such white teeth all of a sudden?

Don’t even get you started on people who look like they were born with a perfect set of white teeth and those teeth are never discolored or weird.

There are actually several different ways people keep their teeth white or get the whitest teeth they can have. You can follow suit, if it’s your dream to have such lovely teeth. Some of these approaches are relatively inexpensive, while other approaches will require an investment.

Avoid Foods That Discolor Teeth

There are a lot of foods that discolor teeth. There’s a good chance you consume at least one of these foods or drinks daily. Knowing which foods and drinks are the worst for your teeth helps you decide what you can cut from your diet to get your teeth back to their whitest.

Foods and drinks to avoid:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate and hot chocolate or cocoa-based drinks
  • All tea; green tea makes your teeth a lighter yellow while black tea makes your teeth a darker yellow.
  • Colas–cola drinks come from the cola bean, a dark bean used to make “brown” soft drinks.
  • Blueberries and other dark-colored fruits and anything made with these berries
  • Red meats, especially red meats that aren’t fully cooked. The blood, cooked and uncooked, stains teeth.
  • Certain spices, like curry or all-spice, darken teeth too.

That’s a lot to avoid. However, if you limit the amounts of some of these things and avoid whatever you can, it will help keep your teeth cleaner and brighter.

Use Dental Hygiene Products With Baking Soda and Peroxide

Baking soda and peroxide together have an oxidizing and disinfecting effect on your teeth and gums. These ingredients in certain toothpastes and mouthwashes not only make your mouth cleaner and healthier, but they also effectively whiten teeth. Brushing twice daily will whiten and clean your teeth the fastest.

When combined with eliminating certain foods and drinks from your daily consumption habits, you will notice a change in tooth color in just a couple of weeks.

Over-the-Counter Bleaching Kits

When you want to go even whiter, you can buy tooth bleaching kits off of store shelves. They contain the same ingredients your dentist would use to whiten teeth. The only difference here is that the length of treatment is shorter and the results do not last as long as the results you would see in the dental office.

When You Want Even Whiter Teeth

The secret to Hollywood’s “glow in the dark” white smiles has everything to do with cosmetic dentistry. Famous people invest in their smiles because they know it directly affects their careers. One investment they start with is professional dental whitening.

Professional dental whitening is more intense than drugstore whitening kits. The treatment process takes longer to complete, but the results last much longer too. The cost is much more than a whitening kit, but the results you get from your dentist are impressive to say the least. Learn more about teeth whitening from a dentist.

Another option is veneers. These are fake tooth “fronts” adhered to the visible sides of your teeth. Everything someone sees when you smile is covered with a veneer. The veneers are as white as you want them and rarely discolor over time. Your real teeth are hidden behind the veneers.

A third option is to crown all your teeth. This is very expensive, but the result is a set of glowing white chompers that make you want to smile like a beauty queen all the time. The expense is on par with dental implants in terms of cosmetic dentistry.

A fourth and final option for the whitest of teeth is dental implants. Very few people ask to have all of their original teeth removed in favor of a full mouth of dental implants, but there it is. If you have a lot of broken, discolored, crooked and unsightly teeth, then maybe having them all pulled and replaced with a mouth of perfect fake teeth via implants is the way to go.

Consistent Dental Care

For those people that have never had any sort of cosmetic dentistry and still have the whitest teeth you have ever seen, there’s a good chance they have been consistent with their dental care throughout life.  They see their dentists twice a year, like clockwork, avoid sweets, brush and floss daily, get their teeth cleaned by a hygienist, and are really strict with their dental hygiene routine. It’s both enviable and admirable to say the least, but if you want teeth as white as theirs without all of the extra steps aforementioned, you need good dental care and hygiene. Click here to learn more about teeth whitening at home.