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If dental issues are keeping you from flashing your pearly whites, drsteadmanleanderdentist.com offers you find some tips that can help while you are waiting for your next appointment to your dental professional.

For example, if you have dental records with another dentist, arrange to have them transferred to your new dentist prior to the appointment so that the staff has an opportunity to review them ahead of time.

In addition, let the staff know about any concerns that you may have. For example, if you have scheduled a routine cleaning, but realize that one tooth happens to be a little more sensitive than others, let the hygienist know prior to the cleaning.

Oftentimes, dental offices have a questionnaire for a new patient to complete prior to the appointment. Maybe you can fill it out before you arrive, saving time all around. We will be discussing a number of topics related to oral health and hygiene here, so please bookmark our site, and visit often. Thank you!